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How unique things in Bali especially the Hindu’s feast day

What is your purpose to come to Bali? want to see the charm of Bali, sun set and sun rise, not only that many unique things in Bali especially feast day in Bali.
Bali celebrates many festivals, performs many rituals and worship at the family temple and pretends great surroundings on Hindu holidays. We as Hindus in Bali believe that giving offerings to the God will provide a balance in life. Not only to the God but also to others and to other living beings such as animals and plants because we are created equal by Him.
I would like to review a few of Hindu’s major holidays in Bali.

1. Nyepi / Silent Day
Nyepi feast day is the day of celebration of new year Hindu based penaggalan or calendar or caka in Bali. This feast day falls on a day after the ninth of  death moon day . In contrast to the celebration of the new year BC, the new year caka in bali begins with solitude or no activity as usual. The ultimate goal is to ask God to sanctify the universe, and human beings. On this day all activities are abolished, including public services, such as the International Airport was closed, but not to the hospital. Our parents will tell us not to be noisy, not to light a fire, not to work, not to be happy, and not to travel. The most unique one is the day before the Nyepi day, exactly on the ninth month, we perform the bhuta yadnya ceremony or we call it the day of pengerupukan day where all the people perform the ceremony to take away the negative things from inside the house, by circling the house and ringing of hard objects such as gamelan , lit a torch fire and some offerings. After that we gather to follow a Ogoh ogoh parade. Ogoh ogoh symbolized as the embodiment of the negative form in ourselves is also around us. Quirky because if you go to Bali on that day hmmm … you will be amazed by this tradition.


2. Galunngan Day
This feast day is celebrated every 210 days of Balinese calendar day as a day of triumph of good against evil. Where Hindu people today give offerings to God and the Patriarchs. also praise gratitude by doing praying at home then in the temple in the surrounding great temples. The unique tradition of this day is that after praying there will be ngelawang ceremonies there are the teenagers  and children dancing Barong dance from one door of the house to another. Tired of course tired but paid off with the cheerful laughter of who watching and paying them.


3. Saraswati Day, Pagerwesi & Tumpek Landep
Saraswati Day, The day where Hindus believe that today is the day of the decline of holy science for Hindus. This feast day falls on Saturday wuku watugunung on the Bali calendar. Usually in this day especially the children who still go to school praying worship goddess Saraswati grateful and begged in blessed knowledge of sacred. On Wednesday after Saraswati Day we celebrate Pagerwesi day, where Hindu people do praying at home asking God to thank God and pleading given the determination of heart and mind in receiving knowledge to be used with the best. After Hari Saraswati, Pagerwesi, then Tumpek Landep Day. in this feast day is containing the meaning of the petition, the expression of gratitude and gratitude to the Creator who has given ease, grace and sharpness of mind, in this day also humans and Hindus, especially in Bali are taught in order to use the science symbolized by weapons and exploits metal objects for the welfare and prosperity of life. so the order of the feast of the coming of science for the Hindus in Bali.


With so many rituals and holy days in bali so the people of Bali are famous for their social life. Not a few Balinese prefer to work daily because it is easier to get a holiday from their work to perform the obligations inherited by their ancestors.
Such are some of Bali’s holiday summaries. That is only a small part of the feast day in Bali there are many more holy days in Bali. Visit Bali to know more about Bali.

Inspired your day spa in Bali and have new atmosphere

Many tourist come to Bali for experience their holiday. Feel new atmosphere than at their home. They can see the sun rise in the morning , plenty sun all day and the sun set through the night.  It so beautiful. you know , might be Balinese miss how the snow is ? but western always miss Bali when they at home. want to come back and stay for long term hahaha…

Well, no enough words to if we story about Bali. I would to share you how and where you get relaxing massage in Bali. Especially if you stay around in Seminyak area. We have a lot  relaxing places but we would to share some good and best one.

1. Sundari Spa

This place located in Petitenget just about 10 minute from us at Chimera Villas in Seminyak. they description their spa is for  healing and wellness. it is inspired by the traditional Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which encourages you to nurture a greater harmony with spirit, the environment and with one another. A fusion of traditional and modern healing techniques is combined with organic and botanical ingredients that capture the healing powers of plants, herbs and ancient remedies, as well as the therapeutic touch of their highly skilled therapists, to deliver a deep sense of relaxation, long lasting beauty and well being. Some guest review  said very relaxing place, very friendly and professional. This spa have top level in biggest site in the world ( TripAdvisor ). don’t miss it.

2. Therapy

The second is Therapy. it is a contemporary sanctuary with an extraordinary subtle Balinese vibe, ushers you to de-stress like never before. It is a space created for you to escape the roller coasters of life, to unwind the complexities of the mind and to indulge in life’s little pleasures. Located in Canggu and Seminyak about 15 minute from Chimera Villas. The place was very chic. The masseuses were great.  After we do some activities such as of soaking under the sun, snorkeling, and swimming, our body will in grave, need of nourishment and relaxation.  This massage easily become one of the highlights of the vacation. we personally recommended this place to you to have your first day spa experience in Bali.

3. Tea Spa

The last one is Tea spa. This spa is the most spa that we recommended. why, because of the spa we could provide in the villa. we offer the guest who prefer stay in the villa then going out side. Just get relaxing in the villa so they can having massage or day spa in their private villa. Tea Spa is a part of Chimera Villas services. Arrive in Bali from long trip and jet lag is very bad feeling. A massage can deliver a deep sense of relaxation. so have your massage at home Chimera Villas upon your arrival to healing process to naturally unfold in the serene atmosphere of our spa.


A Short story and a memorable time in Ubud Bali most place

A Short story and a memorable time in Ubud Bali most place

At this time i would like to story you about one of the most famous place in Bali. In Ubud Bali is the most famous place. Many tourists come to Bali for holiday, for see the view how Bali is, and have relaxing after tired work even in just for 3 or 4 days.

I personally love Bali is because of the view, and the unique of their culture. When the first time i visited Bali was in Ubud Bali. Some people said if you visit Bali, don’t miss out visit in Ubud Bali. That is right, Its a fabulous place that i have been visited. The area around Ubud is characterized by gently rolling rice paddies, and the create an impression of greenness which can be quite startling beautiful. The village of Tegallalang is very much a tourist trap, but it is worth braving the hordes of trinket peddlers to view the stunning terraces there.

In adittion of that in Ubud Bali is a centre of the art. As a centre of the arts, Ubud has over 65 different gamelan, dance and shadow puppet performances every week, in various venues, or about 8 or more every single night of the week. When i was in Ubud Bali, at that time there was a celebration at a temple there was a Barong dance performance and welcoming dances. very unique and very interesting to watch. the surrounding community also allowed me to see the show. wow … really lucky. Not only that In Ubud Bali you will find famous painting galleries all over the world

When we were approaching it is worth a stop just to absorb the gentle beauty of it all. The key historical sites are located in a small village, about 20km away,  such as Goa Gajah Temple , Gunung Kawi Temple , Pura Kehen Temple and Tirta Empul Temple.

Tirta Empul Temple

Pura Kehen

Gunung Kawi

Too many places are memorable in ubud bali. but 4 days I was there giving a new harmony for me to run my activities. many things I learned while I was at this place. talking to people around, getting acquainted and telling them with them is an unforgettable memory. someday I will visit there longer.


A memorable experience in Bali and your Satisfaction is our Goal

A memorable experience in Bali and your satisfaction is our Goal.

The laughter was heard again. The crowd gave a new spirit. Only the usual chirping of birds is now accompanied by hospitality and smiles.
We are new friends again. The arrival of a new friend really means to us. Hope, motivation, and passion will give the best always come to mind. Serving and providing a memorable experience in Bali for you is our duty.
From so many great memories and impressions from you at Chimera Villas that we can not mention one by one. We can only thank you very deeply. Let us relive our encounters, our friendship at Chimera Villas Bali.

Birthday parties, Birthday wishes for our valued friends


Some of the memories we keep and want to remember again.
Maybe treat our longing for you guys. Not only that. The reviews you give, your feedback and suggestions are very meaningful.
It is our great hope to meet you again and provide our best service and memorable experience in Bali.

Dear My valued friends , thank you for been spending your time and choosing Chimera Villas to experience in Bali.

Your comment means a lot for us as far as our only goal is to make your experience in Bali being beyond your expectations. Our only wish is to succeed in that mission.

Thanks to all of your comments we are not leaving the top 5 villas in Seminyak. As we want to stay on top of this ranking, all our teams are mobilized for you to have the best stay possible in our Seminyak villas, Chimera Villas. Because every guest is special, we will make sure that every journey in Chimera Villas will be unforgettable.

And because there are no best awards than your satisfaction, we will always take in count your advises to make your next stay even better. we tried harshly to become the best host in Bali, especially in Chimera Villas.

All your feedback, suggestions and expressions of thanks are our motivate for giving better and better.
It is our great hope to meet you again and provide our best service and memorable experience in Bali.

Travel Advice when Mount Agung Volcano Erupts Issues

We recently heard the news about the biggest mountain in Bali that will erupt. after I browse and I will summarize information about the biggest mountain. And Some travel advice when Mount Agung volcano erupts really happened by our accommodation service.
How to match the explanation of the largest wikipedia site

Mount Agung or Gunung Agung is a volcano in Bali in Indonesia, located south east of Mount Batur volcano, also in Bali. Gunung Agung stratovolcano is the highest point on Bali. It dominates the surrounding area, influencing the climate, especially rainfall patterns.

Balinese believe that Mount Agung is a replica of Mount Meru, the central axis of the universe. One legend holds it that the mountain is a fragment of Meru brought to Bali by the first Hindus. The most important temple on Bali, Pura Besakih, is located high on the slopes of Gunung Agung.

Gunung Agung last erupted in 1963–1964 in one of the largest and most devastating in Indonesia’s history. Since then, there has been zero eruptions until 2017. It is still active with a large and very deep crater which occasionally belches smoke and ash. From a distance, the mountain appears to be perfectly conical.

From the peak of the mountain, it is possible to see the peak of Mount Rinjani on the nearby island of Lombok, to the east, although both mountains are frequently covered in clouds.
On February 18, 1963, local residents heard loud explosions and saw clouds rising from the crater of Mount Agung. On February 24, lava began flowing down the northern slope of the mountain, eventually traveling 7 km in the next 20 days. On March 17, the volcano erupted (VEI 5), sending debris 8 to 10 km into the air and generating massive pyroclastic flows. These flows devastated numerous villages, killing an estimated 1,100—1,500 people. Cold lahars caused by heavy rainfall after the eruption killed an additional 200. A second eruption on May 16 led to pyroclastic flows that killed another 200 inhabitants. Minor eruptions and flows followed and lasted almost a year.

The lava flows missed, sometimes by mere yards, the Mother Temple of Besakih. The saving of the temple is regarded by Balinese as miraculous and a signal from the gods that they wished to demonstrate their power but not destroy the monument that the Balinese had erected.

Andesite was the dominant lava type with some samples mafic enough to be classified as basaltic andesite.

In September 2017, an increase of seismic activity around the volcano raised the alert level to the highest level and about 122,500 people evacuated their houses around the volcano. The Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management declared a 12-kilometer exclusion zone around the volcano on September 24.

Evacuees have gathered in sports halls and other community buildings around Klungkung, Karangasem, Buleleng and other areas. The monitoring station is located in Tembuku, Rendang, Karangasem Regency, where intensity and frequency of tremors are being monitored for signs of imminent eruption.

The area experienced 844 volcanic earthquakes on September 25, and 300 to 400 earthquakes by midday on September 26. Seismologists has been alarmed at the force and frequency of the incidents as it has taken much less for similar volcanos to erupt.

From the recently information from the Head of Data and Information Center of National Disaster Relief Agency (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said that Bali is still safe for the current flight in Agung Karangasem, Bali.

Sutopo admittedly got a lot of questions from the ambassador and the community directly related to the security condition of Bali as a tourist place in the middle of the threat of Mount Agung eruption.
ome countries, Sutopo said, have even issued travel advice so that citizens are careful of the danger of Mount Agung eruption.

“America, Australia, Singapore, UK they have issued a warning for its citizens who visit Bali in order not to enter the vicinity of Mount Agung,” he said.
So travel advice is only to be careful not to do activities within a radius of 9-12 kilometers from Mount Agung, other areas are safe.

I would like to inform you that the famous tourist destinations in Bali such as Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Tabanan, even Ubud area are in the safe zone about 72Km to Seminyak area. If at the time you are in Bali and our eruption that offers villa accommodation for the tourists has some natural disaster management steps such as providing masks, inviting the tourists to do activities in the villa, and provide the best service to you. Maybe if this eruption really happened when you will leave Bali and will do the flight then your flight will be diverted to some of the nearest flight by land route to outside region like Java province. Then it will not be canceled.
Visit us for more details.

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Seminyak Popular Places You Cannot Miss

Seminyak Popular Places You Cannot Miss

Seminyak has been recognized as one of the best destinations that you have to visit when you have a vacation in Bali Island. This great place will be able to offer you the modern accommodations and excellent amusements that you will love so much. All of them will definitely excite you in the best way possible. Aside of that, there are so numerous popular places in the town. Well, do you really want to find out what Seminyak popular places are? If you do, you have to figure them out below.

Seminyak popular places you have to visit

Then, here are some of Seminyak popular places that you better never miss every time you spend your holiday in Bali Island, such as:

  • The Potato Head Beach Club

One of the most popular places in Seminyak that you have to visit is the Potato Head Beach Club. You can actually find this club on Petitenget Street No. 51B which is on the northern side of Kuta. It is known so well as one of the coolest places to hold a party because it can definitely provide you the best music and entertainments to make your party more special. Furthermore, there are also many delicious foods that can meet your taste nicely, which can be from French food to fusion Asian food. Even better, you can complement your dish with the best quality wines or cocktails. You can even make it more perfect as you enjoy the menu while stare at the wonderful view of beach and infinity pool at the club. Additionally, in case you want to come to this club, it is recommended for you to do a reservation first. By doing so, you can ensure that you get your seat booked even though when more crowds come in to the club.

  • The Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali

Moreover, the second popular place in Seminyak is the Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali. It is located on Kayu Aya Street No.27, and it starts open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. This particular place will offer you the challenging game where you have to complete a specific mission or puzzle. So then, you can escape from the room successfully. In this game, you have to have a partner or a group of six people. Then, you have to work together in team in order to solve the mission before you run out of time. Simply, you have to finish this game as soon as possible because the faster you complete it, the better record you can achieve.

  • The Trick Art 3D Gallery

Last but not least, it will be a very nice idea for you to come to one of the Seminyak popular places like the Trick Art 3d Gallery which is located on Sunset Road No. 789 Seminyak, Bali. This awesome place will definitely show you the various options of astonishing 2D and 3D paintings. All of those paintings will be the perfect background of every single picture that you take in the gallery. So then, you can express yourself and execute the fun poses to make the distinctive and unique photos. So, you can make your social media so beautiful and stand apart from any others once you have uploaded them.

Why choose Seminyak popular places?

It will never be a bad idea for you to choose Seminyak popular places to be the destinations that you must visit when you are in Bali Island. There are so many niceties in the town that can offer you the different nuances you will adore. Thus, you can really get the best unforgettable experiences whenever you are there for sure

The Best Destinations in Seminyak You Have to Visit

The Best Destinations in Seminyak You Have to Visit

Do you look for the best destination to visit during your holiday? If you do, it will be so much recommended for you to go to Seminyak in Bali Island. It is because this town can offer you so many various stunning places where you can have fun and get relaxed from any boring things you have got in your busy days. So then, you will find that visiting the destinations in Seminyak can really fresh your mind, body, and soul at the same time for sure. Then, in case you are really curious about the best destinations in this town, you better keep reading below.

The best destinations in Seminyak you have to visit

Well, there are actually so many the best destinations in Seminyak that you have to visit during your holiday in Bali Island. They are like:

  • Seminyak Beach

The first destination that you have visit when you are spending your leisure time in Seminyak is Seminyak Beach. This particular beach is located on West Coast area of the Southern region of the island. It is a kind of perfect place that can offer you the cool and sunny atmosphere that you will admire so much. So then, it will always be a very great idea for you to hang out to this beach especially if you do that with your lovely family or friends. Then, there are so many fun things that you can do with them, such as sunbathing, kite flying, swimming, and so on. Yet, you have to make sure that you do those activities on the safe area, so that you will never disturb the surfers that conquer the challenging waves there.

  • La Laguna Bali

Furthermore, the La Laguna Bali is the second destination that you cannot miss when you are in Seminyak. This bar and restaurant, which is located in Canggu that you can reach about 20 minutes trip by car, is such a good place to chill. This place will be able to offer you the fabulous tropical nuance that can make you feel so cozy somehow. It garden and ornaments will definitely make you want to spend a lot of your time there. Aside of that, the Bohemian themed decoration in this place can really please your eyes amazingly. So then, it will never be a bad idea for you to beautify your social media with some pictures you can take at the restaurant.

  • Nyaman Gallery

Moreover, it will be very nice for you to come to Nyaman Gallery mainly if you want to see the artistic and aesthetics side of the town. You can actually find this place on Basangkasa Street, Seminyak. Once you have got there, you will see so numerous options of unique contemporary stuff that are made by the talented and skillful Balinese artists. Not only that, you can also see the distinctive decoration inside of the building that can blow your mind. One of them that will steal your attention is the brick wall that is covered with paintings and photos. So, it is clear that it can be one of the best destinations in Seminyak that excite the art lover like you greatly.

Why you have to choose destinations in Seminyak

In the simple words, there are so many remarkable destinations in Seminyak that can make your holiday become more perfect than ever, which can be from the beautiful beach to the art center. All of them will give you the different excitements. So then, do not ever be surprised that you can get the unforgettable experiences once you have visited this incredible town.

The Fabulous Places in Bali for Your Holiday

The fabulous places in Bali for your holiday.

Bali Island has been known so well as one of the best tourism destinations in the world. This island has so many beautiful cultures that will definitely blow your mind in the best way possible. So then, you will find that this island can really make your holiday so special. Aside of that, you will also see so many fabulous places as well. Each of them can make you get the different excitements and experiences that you will love so much. Then, in case you really want to know what fabulous places in Bali are, you better continue reading below.

The various fabulous places in Bali

There are so many fabulous places in Bali that you have to visit when you take a holiday in the island. Some of them are like:

  • Kuta Beach Bali

The first place that you have to visit when you are in Bali Island is Kuta Beach. This amazing beach, which is located near Denpasar on the western side of the island, will definitely offer you the clean sand and clear water. So then, it can be a great spot for swimming and diving so that you can explore the beauty of the under sea which consists of the colorful fish and corals. Besides, there are also the challenging waves that you can conquer using your surfing board. Basically, all of those activities will bring you happiness that can make you free from any stress and pressure. Furthermore, you can enjoy the jaw dropping views as you see the sunset on the beach. The o=range light of the sun will be reflected by the water wonderfully. So, it is no wonder that this kind of view will definitely please your eyes.

  • Ulu Watu Temple

Moreover, the second place in Bali that you have to go to is UluWatu Temple. This specific tourism destination is a must for you to see. There are so many monkeys that will welcome you. However, you have to make sure that you keep all of your stuff nicely before you enter this site. So then, the monkeys will never have the chance to steal your precious stuff. Then, there are some temples which are commonly used by the people every time they want to hold a holly ceremony. Unfortunately, the tourists will not be allowed to enter or get involved in to the ceremony so that you cannot witness it directly. Not only that, you can watch a colossal theatrical performances by the local artists that will tell you a story of Leak. This show will be held around the temples in the evening, so that you will see the awesome combination of the temple and the sunset become the perfect background of the show.

  • Seminyak 

The next, one of the fabulous places in Bali that you cannot miss is Seminyak. This remarkable town is located on the southern side of Bali Island. It is one of the most favorite destinations of the people as there are so many interesting places to visit, such as beach clubs, bars and restaurants, resorts, spa centers, and so many more. All of them will be giving you the best amenities so that you can refresh your body and mind at once.


The places in Bali are the best

You can get a lot of enjoyments from so numerous fabulous places in Bali. Actually, there are so many other places in the island that are waiting for you to explore still. They all can offer you the magnificent things that you will remember for your whole life. So, it is obvious it is the best for you to go to Bali whenever you have spare time.

Top 5 best Bali food to complement the holiday experience in Bali

Best Bali food to complement your holiday experience in Bali.

When you first time visit Bali, thousands different cultures make up. And its introduce you the thing that you cannot imagine. In addition of the culture Bali has many kind of traditional cuisine. It’s will explore you with various flavors from herbs.  To complement the holiday experience on Bali, you would not want to miss out on its assortment of dishes. These include interesting and exotic selections such as ‘lawar’, ‘bebek betutu’, the Balinese satay version known as ‘sate lilit’, and the island’s famed ‘babi guling’ whole spit-roast pig.

Below are the top 5 best Bali food to complement your holiday experience in Bali :
1. Bebek and Ayam Betutu
Betutu is an iconic Balinese favorite. It is consisting of a whole chicken or duck stuffed with traditional spices, wrapped in banana leaves, then enveloped tight in banana trunk bark before it’s baked or buried in a coal fire for 6 to 7 hours. You will taste a rich and juicy flavors once your first bite , succulent feast with all meat easily separated from bones. In some restaurant they will show you how to cooked this succulent food. Betutu is the Balinese slow-cooked luscious equivalent of babi guling for ‘non-pork eaters’.

2. Babi Guling

Babi guling is an all-time favorite. As a Balinese we are very love this food. you will be regret once you in Bali you do not try this popular food. Some people call this food is Suckling pig. Bali Guling or Suckling fig consisting of spit-roast pig stuffed with rich traditional spices and vegetable mixes such as cassava leaves. Slowly ‘rolled’ over (hence its name, guling means ‘to roll’) a coal fire. The crisp brown skins are prized, while the meat is a tender and juicy treat.

At first the dish was a communal treat only during special festivities and ceremonies. But now babi guling can be found widely served at warungs and restaurants specializing in this dish. Which is call Warung Babi Guling.

3. Sate (Satay) Varieties

Sate/Satay is the most favored food in the world and that also in Bali . But Bali has many unique looks of this food. Once you in Bali, you must visit traditional restaurant ( we called warung ). you will find many kind of Satay. Sate (or “satay”) are marinated, skewered and grilled meats. It served with spicy sauce, and may consist of diced or sliced chicken, goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish, tofu, eggs or minced blends.

Bali’s own variant is sate lilit, made from minced beef, chicken, fish, pork, or even turtle meat. Which is then mixed with coconut, coconut milk, and a rich blend of vegetables and spices. Wrapped rather than skewered around bamboo, sugar cane or lemongrass sticks then grilled.

You can enjoy sate lilit with or without sauce.

4. Nasi Ayam dan Nasi Campur

Bali’s own take on ‘chicken rice’, nasi ayam and nasi campur can be found served at many warungs (small eateries) and restaurants throughout the island. I like this food because of simple choice for us and easy to get it. Your must to try this too as this is has many variant of food. So many taste on it.

The dish is mainly white rice served with many different elements of Balinese delights. It’s from a bit of babi buling or betutu as the main meats, together with mixed vegetables and a dab of the iconic spicy hot sambal matah. Sometimes served with a bowl of soup. For those who do not want it too spicy, simply ask for it without the sambal.

5. Lawar

Lawar is a traditional mix containing fine chopped meat, vegetables, grated coconut and spices. we enjoyed lawar as an appetizer. This Bali food has unique taste, but you must to try this food as your experience while you in Bali. I like this food as well. Every ceremony in Bali Lawar is the most food that must to serve.

Sometimes, and in some areas, lawar is prepared using fresh blood mixed with the meat and spices to strengthen the flavour. Lawar are usually served immediately after preparation as it cannot be kept long. Because it made from fresh ingredient so cannot be kept long  There are two main types of lawar, white and red. The white version usually does not contain any meats or blood.

I am very confident introduce you about Bali, I will story you how the unique of Bali that you cannot imagine it. as a Balinese and i was born in Bali, I will explore my experience to you. Above are just a few thing that i introduce you about Bali food. But that the most popular. We still have many kind of Bali cuisine that you must to know too. If you the first time visit Bali, do not hesitate to contact me.





Most Best Waterfall in Bali

Most best waterfall and beautiful hidden place in Bali.

As a result,  Bali has a lot of beautiful hidden place. Some of that is a hidden beautiful waterfall view. Bali is famous for its beautiful sunset and beach, but surprisingly Bali also has beautiful waterfalls that are not widely known by tourists. Looking and listening to the nature through the waterfalls could be a new way of releasing stress. If you are looking for serenity, peacefulness, fresh air, and the scent of nature, then you should consider visiting these waterfalls that are known as the best waterfalls in Bali.

Waterfall Tegenungan is one of the most recent waterfall in Bali. Located at Sukawati Village, Gianyar regency. In addition to having a beautiful green surrounding scenery, this beautiful waterfall is famous for its large water discharge, making it suitable for you who want to swim or just enjoy the beauty of nature.  This waterfall is not located in highlands or mountains, but it has heavy water flow with green surroundings that is perfect for swimming. Many locals love to visit this waterfall and relax in the bathing spot, while enjoying the fresh air. Even though this waterfall is quite isolated and you need to walk along the bank of the River Tukad Petanu to finally reach it, but all the hard work will be paid off once you feel the fresh water.

Waterfall Tibumana is located at Apuan Village, Bangli regency, you will be amazed by not one but two waterfalls that are almost symmetrical and become water curtains for the cave located at the bottom.

Each waterfall has a height of 20 meters, with a view of the surroundings in the form of a large wall of green rocks covered with moss, trees, and ponds with water so clear.


Waterfall Blahmantung Located at Pujungan Village ,Tabanan Regency.  The distance is about 75km from Denpasar or approximately 2 hours drive. After passing Tabanan, arrive at Antosari then take the turn to the right towards Pujungan Village. Access to Blemantung Waterfall is quite good because Pujungan Village passes Jalan Raya Denpasar-Seririt-Singaraja with panoramic terraced rice terraces.  It has an amazing view, and it’s surrounded by the coffee plantation, so you will smell the fragrance of coffee in the air. With 50 meters tall, Blahmantung waterfall is the best place to feel the fresh scent of the rainforest.


Banyumala Waterfall is located Pakraman Wanagiri village, Sukasada Buleleng regency.These two side-by-side waterfalls present a spectacular natural symphony and beauty that is hard to express in words. You must see it live!


The beauty of nature from these waterfalls surely will give you a new exciting experience. The serenity will give you a healing time, and the peacefulness will make you feel secured. Make sure to visit the best and beautiful waterfall in Bali.

Find it with us  at