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Petitenget Temple: Where Myths and Reality Collide

Petitenget Temple: Where Myths and Reality Collide

Even among the most frequent Bali visitor, the name Petitenget Temple might not be all that familiar compared to Uluwatu, Besakih, Ulun Danu, or Tanah Lot. Indeed, compared to all other previously named temples, Petitenget is a small religious spot that does not even count as the cardinal ones within Bali itself. But it does not make it any less than interesting, especially when you learn about the story behind its establishment. It is safe to assume that the name of the person who first constructed the shrine is lost in history. Who built the temple is practically unknown. But the story dates back to the 15th century. At that time, the area known today as the Petitenget Beach was a lush jungle. It was so thick that people believed that there are spirits living within. One of the evidences that supported this claim was the fact that many people coming out of the jungle plagued with sickness of sort. One of such spirits were a malevolent being named Bhuto Ijo, a giant so menacing a priest suggested a temple was to be built to imprison him. And so the Petitenget Temple was constructed. It is said that inside the temple is a coffin containing the spirit.

The name Petitenget Temple is derived from the story. It is translated roughly into a “haunted coffin”, alluding to the presence of a chest that doubles as a prison for the dark spirit that roams and threatens people in the past. Take the story with a grain of salt or believe in the tale as you like; Petitenget Beach is now a safe place for everyone to visit. It is now far from the dark and mysterious jungle it was once. You can marvel at the simplicity of the architecture, which could be a refreshing change of view especially when you have witnessed the greatness of other, larger Balinese Temples. Its scenery is breathtaking and its views are magnificent, to say the least. But if you do decide to include this spot on your itinerary, it is advised that you visit it at dusk. As the sun falls even lower, the area reveals its true beauty, one that you might not encounter at other beaches. The old stone construction of the temple serves as a background to the mesmerizing sunset you will soon observe around the area.


Petitenget Temple still functions as a place of worship. If you are lucky, you could encounter people holding their rituals during your visit there. At times, it is possible for you to witness ceremonies held by the beach. At other times, you would only find people burning incense or presenting offerings wrapped in elaborate banana leaves containers. The temple itself is teeming with plant like vines and ferns. It really gives off the image of a humid tropical exterior. If the temple catches your attention, make sure to take photos of wood-carved reliefs and sculptures. The temple can be found southwest of Denpasar, Bali’s capital city. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, the temple can be reached after 15 minutes of driving by car. Alternatives of ways to get to the temple include:

  1. Rental motorbikes,
  2. Taxis, or
  3. Walk along the coast of Seminyak Beach to get to the temple—if you have the time and determination to do so.


Those coming by vehicles can park safely at a vast parking space near the temple. The inside part of the temple is typically close to public but when it opens, those wishing to enter the temple must dress appropriately with their knees and shoulders covered.

Chimera Villas Bali available and pleased to assist you for luxury accommodation Villa with private pool and facilities.

Seminyak Square

Having Fun During Your Trip to Bali in Seminyak Square

Seminyak square could be the one place you will put high on top of your priority of you are the type to spend your time for shopping or enjoying the modern kind of vacation in general. What exactly is this place any way that you should make time to visit it? Located at the heart and the main district of Seminyak, Bali, the Square is a shopping arcade and restaurants joint. It is situated at Laksamana Oberoi/Kayu Aya Street, occupying a space of 7000 m2. The Square is managed by PT. Seminyak Square. It is said to be the only commercial area in Bali that comes with a line of restaurants, branded shopping centers, and Seminyak Square Hotel, which is the latest addition to the scene. The Square boasts an expansive garden lined with benches and tables for the visitors to use freely. Both first and second floors have a long corridor, which when combined with all other amenities and facilities that the Square is equipped with will make for a place with great comfort for everyone. All tenants are curated from the most respectable sources and only select vendors can open a stall or establishment within the Square.

With a building complex consisting of two stories, Seminyak square is a place for many tenants of exclusive varieties. The first floor is home to:

  1. Mega Batik,
  2. Quiksilver,
  3. Surfer Girl,
  4. Lilla Lane,
  5. Body & Soul,
  6. Periplus,
  7. Bali Bakery,
  8. Dovetail,
  9. Art Market,
  10. The Braga Cafe,
  11. Aviary Restaurant,
  12. Red & White (Liquor store),
  13. Black Canyon coffee,
  14. Vinoti Living, and
  15. World Brand Shop.

The second floor, on the other hand, houses the likes of:

  1. Seminyak Square Hotel,
  2. Manfridays Fish & Chips,
  3. Jaz B Beauty Salon & Spa, and also
  4. Adrenalin Sports Bar.

As an entertainment center focusing on serving consumers only the best possible things, the Square is equipped with all kinds of feature that are intended to increase and maximize visitors’ satisfactory levels. Clean toilets are on each floor for visitor to comfortably use. An expansive parking space serves as a way to accommodate all kinds of vehicles visitors come by. Free Wi-Fi service ensures that you are never cut off of your online lives. LCD TV and live screen projector make for great visual spectacles. The aforementioned benches and tables (as well as huge umbrellas) provide comfort for visitors to wind out after a shopping spree. 24-hour security system is kept in place to take your mind off of things to worry about while taxi service is at the ready to take you to and from the Square.

Seminyak squere is a safe haven for anyone wishing to spend their hard-earned time to enjoy their life. The Square understands that you are in Bali for the sole purpose of entertaining yourself away from work and all other things that would drag you down. If you have been saving your money for a quality and high lifestyle, this is perhaps the best place to spend that cash at. And while you are there, you earned the right to go crazy buying things you can only imagine getting in real life. Satisfy your palate with all of the offers that the Square can come up with for you. When the beaches have grown all too boring for you and all the tropical living has been a little bit too much for you, this should be next on the list—for this is where you can see that Bali truly shines as a world-class tourist destination and shopping paradise.

Explore the Petitenget Beach

Explore the Petintenget Beach

The matter of Petitenget beach is a rather vague kind of subject. Separating the beach from its function is pointless—as is the case with many other beaches in Bali Island. Bali is an island that still has its authentic religious practices intact, many of which involve rituals held at a beach. Petitenget is merely one of such beaches in Bali named after a holy temple built around its proximity. Being a religious point of interest, the temple is a location where many Balinese Hindu people gather and commence the kind of conducts they typically practice generations after generation. Some of these religious practices include ceremonies that extend to the beach nearby. But the history of Petitenget Beach is always pristine as its seawater. Long time ago, it was believed that there was some kind of malevolent spirit living deep in the jungle next to the beach. This spirit caused people to fall sick whenever they enter the woods. A priest then suggested that the spirit could be tamed only if people built a shrine, a request they duly complied with. Ever since the establishment of the temple, people living around the beach no longer suffered from bad luck or such.


Petitenget beach might stem from what modern people would take as something superstitious. But as part of the local culture, it is nevertheless an inseparable component of the beach that makes it so alluring. Petitenget Beach itself may not be as famous as its siblings such as Kuta or Legian, located some kilometers to its south (the three beaches practically sit right next to each other, lining the southwestern part of island). The sand is more grayish than the other beaches and its waves is somewhat larger in size with strong undercurrents being its common mainstay. This is in contrast to its siblings, which see tons of tourists visiting them for their relatively calmer waves and white sand. But that does not mean Petitenget Beach is not worth your time. The beach boasts a rather flat surface, making it a perfect spot for some food joints and gourmet restaurants to settle. Also, being the least famous of the three beaches, Petitenget is not as crowded as Kuta or Legian. Those who crave for serene getaway far away from the buzzing tourist magnets that Kuta or Legian is can enjoy themselves at this beach. The scarcity of establishments adjacent to the beach makes it one of the best spots in Bali to catch sunset.

With the matter of Petintenget beach out of the way, you probably have made it one of the places to visit on your itinerary and wonder about the things you can do while there. Simply put, Petitenget Beach offers an assortment of choices you can take. The Beach is located within Seminyak area, which is a large tourist enclave, which means it is not at all difficult to reach. Parking space is made available in abundance right next to the temple so you should never worry about not being able to safely and properly leave your vehicle behind. Activities to look forward to include:

  1. Swimming is allowed but only when it is low tide when the currents are not as strong as when high tide.
  2. Sunbathing,
  3. jogging,
  4. meditating

But merely ambling along the seaside should be sufficient if you only wish to bask yourself under the dim light of Balinese sunset. Do not worry about not being able to hang out at this beach as there are plenty of spots where you can spend some time around and Chimera villas Bali ready  for your accommodation during the holiday.

Bali Rice field Terrace in Jatiluwih Village is a world culture heritage

Bali Rice field Terrace in Jatiluwih Village is a world culture heritage

The Village of Jatiluwih, Tabanan Regency is located as far as 50 km from Denpasar. Jatiluwih village can be taken during 1,5 hour by car. Here as far as i can see the green nature in live mount Batukaru.

From the history of Jatiluwih village as according to its name from “Jaton” and “Luwih” . “Jaton” means really and “Luwih” meaning especially good and beautiful.


There is also another folktale which the graveyard of ancient animal name Jatayu’s Bird. Jatiluwih means the real good thing. Located about 1000 m at above sea level, Jatiluwih Village has cool water and tropical climate at almost true out of the year.

Jaliluwih Village famous with the Terrace rice field view surrounded .It is not only the natural beauty panorama, Jatiluwih Village has the  harmony as relationship with God as the creator of universe.

Once upon the time there is so many visitors from Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra who come to jatiluwih seeking for prosperity and spiritual . It has been proved by a lot of temple in Jatiluwih, Which is Betari Temple, Bujang Leuwisnawa Temple, Resi Temple, and Taksu Agung Temple.

Jatiluwih terrace rice field use Subak Irrigation System that oriented to Bali watering traditionally. Every Subak has organised a Pekaseh as a head of Subak and it has a temple to worship the Goddess of prosperity or Goddess of fertility. The system has been run of 100 years with  fair and good way until now.

The system of terraces rice field in Jatiluwih Village  has made attention to UNESCO and  it has been proved as a world culture heritage on June 29th, 2012. In Jatiluwih Village people and the universe live together in perfect harmony.

Book us for further information and get best service to explore Bali very well.

Chimera Villas Bali

Balinese Sculpture Art ( Togog Bali )

Balinese Sculpture art story are before 1906 in Bali a piece work of art is a work for religious or magical sense reason. The wood or stone sculpture created a work that always have connection to Hindu religion. For example they created symbol of God or Goddess which later will be places in very holy place of temples.  The theme of their work mostly taking inspiration from the epic story of Ramayana and Mahabharata which this classic story always become role model in doing religion and social life activity in Bali community.

Simultaneously and past to generation to generation this sculpture activity based on religion ritual continue. But late in 1906 – 1908 upon the Dutch colonize Bali , the pattern to create an art work happened changed. In that time many artist made the art work based on economic commodity without any religious touch . That situation happened to change some shape and value of a peace of sculpture.

Many kind and style of sculpture in Bali. such in a village name Batubulan, the local people has their own style and character in make a sculpture of God and Goddess that made from soft volcanic stone and sandstone. The other place in Teges area is famous by their skill in making various animals shape in very detail and realistic shapes. In Tegalalang the sculpture is about trees, plants and fruits that made from wood with a very happy and smart colorful touch. Or in Tampaksiring specialize in making accessories from wood and chessboard.

Fine art & galleries many of the future evolution of Balinese sculpture would consist in playing with natural proportions, first elongating them , then after the war, shortening them , producing the style still favors today. One master from traditional style is someone from Ubud is ketut Rodja. He is a famous by his consistence in traditional style , although this style known from its high difficulty in the making process.

How to know much about this art, please contact us at Chimera Villa Bali . There some of our art are from Ubud.


White Party for our Rusian Guest Wedding

This is the first time we offer a wedding party at Chimera Villas. Very simple party as the guest request.
The choice white party and BBQ menu. We design the house with white and simple flowers, Mini Bar with 2 bartender and some waiter and waitress ready to assist the guest for every little thing they need. BBQ station ready with white table cloth and the staff as well.

White party is very popular, Also in Bali. Bali is the first destination of the tourist in the world. Many tourist want To have a memorable experiences in Bali. especially if you can have a party such a wedding party or birthday party. Such my guest from Rusian they choice white party to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Bali at Chimera Villas. They just tell us that they want have a white party then we provide as request. From the decorate with white flower arrangement to the white decoration of the dinning table and staff dresses as well. Almost all invitation don’t want to miss this event.


We are so excited to assist you , if you want to have your party especially a wedding with white party dress code, simple and affordable budget.

Accommodation with best review from the guest in Seminyak

This is first time haven to us. Accommodation with the best review in Seminyak. We got from our first guest from USA. lets check below

Wow, just “wow”, could summarize this magnificent villa in one word, repeated three times.

Wow #1 for the house, it’s stunning. The pictures on the website, as beautiful as they are, don’t do the villa justice. We’ve rented a number of luxury private homes with family and friends over the years so we have a strong base for comparison. As we walked down the short path to the villa and entered through the front door we were stunned by the beautiful garden. The house itself is equally as striking. Each room has unique decorating touches, very tasteful artwork has us suspecting the owner may be a photographer, or their decorator has a keen eye. There are hand carved wooden panels along the staircase, beautiful, tasteful furniture, even intricately carved stone objects throughout. The bathrooms are very spacious, with some showers having an open air feel to them. There is plenty of hot water and water flow from the rain shower heads. The towels were very fluffy too. The embroidered robes (a nice touch) were laid out every evening when housekeeping turned down the beds. There are many books to pique a reading interest and a bunch of DVDs to watch movies should you decide to stay in. The ceiling details in the great room are spectacular, again the picture don’t do the villa justice. We found ourselves torn between eating inside at the great room table or outside on the deck next to the pool. Both are wonderful places to enjoy a meal, work on the super-fast wifi, or have a beer (Bing Tang flows freely in Bali) while chatting. The pool is spotless, warm, and very enjoyable. There is a lovely outdoor area to lay out and catch some rays near the shallow end of the pool. first best review

Wow #2 for the location, it’s in the center of Seminyak. It has great access to the heart of where the fun, restaurants, and shops are. My husband and I found it very convenient to pop over to the minimart for supplies. There is ample parking in the gated lot for cars and scooters. There is a full time security guard, which is common for high-end properties, and we always felt safe both at our villa and in town. Second best review

The biggest WOW goes to the staff. From the moment we were greeted we felt at ease. They take care of everything starting with a friendly smile, a refreshing fruit drink, a fruit platter, and a tour of the house while bag delivery was made to our rooms. When I say they take care of everything I do mean *everything*. Breakfast arrives exactly as requested, at the requested time, every morning. The staff is incredibly friendly but not overbearing. The pool is cleaned seemingly before sunrise and the yard picked up from the odd stray leaf that may have fallen from the beautifully maintained foliage on the property. We enjoyed the daily offering coming in early morning, called “Canang sari”, it set the calm mood for the day ahead. The staff helped with our every need, from taxis to restaurant recommendations, to finding a computer monitor so I could work with dual screens; there’s a long story why, but regardless, they found one! No request to the staff went unmet, their creativity in finding solutions was beyond belief. The best review

We would like to publicly thank the staff again for going above and beyond to help with one of our party’s self-inflicted hospital visit resulting in an extended stay in Bali. We can’t say thank you enough for the kindness. From spending all day with my mother-in-law in the villa while we were in the hospital, to the hospital visit from the manager, to the genuine concern, compassion and well wishes they extended to us during a very difficult week. Their kindness was extraordinary.

We are already planning our next trip back to Bali with friends and the only place we’re considering staying is, again, in this villa!

All best review from this guest make us extremely excited to be more the best and offer the best service in Chimera villas. Thank you for for had been enjoyed your holiday with us and you meet overall the expectation. We hope that your wonderful experience will bring you back to Chimera Villas soon.

How Do You Wish Your Birthday While in Bali

How Do You Wish Your Birthday While in Bali? Spending A Wonderful Stay at Seminyak.

When you are in Bali, you would want to have the best day of your life, there. Most people think like that, especially if their stay is scheduled in their birthday. How do you wish your birthday while in Bali? Even when you are not celebrating your birthday, you would want to have at least a comfortable place to rest and a magnificent scenery to see. Don’t worry, if you are spending your time in Seminyak region, then you are in a good place. Make sure to stay at Chimera Villas when you are in Bali. This great Villa are nearby Jalan Kayu Aya that runs parallel to Petitenget seashore, and to satellite avenues inside close reach toward the western stop of nightfall road. Some are boutique resorts halfway situated in Seminyak, allowing smooth access to the boutique shopping and worldwide eating scene of this upscale area. That will enable you to choose on the outstanding accommodation to your up and coming Bali occasion to give you something exceptional and specific to ensure you a significant life.

One of the best choice place when you stay in seminyak is in Chimera Villas . This place is known around the world. Chimera Villas is a five star all-suite extravagance Villas put in the far northern piece of the famous namesake shoreline hold up a place of Seminyak, promptly circumscribing with neighboring Legian.This place is also close from the Ngurah rai worldwide airplane terminal. This villa resort, in reality, shares Seminyak’s Jalan Kayu Aya, that is fixed with among the region’s most well-known eating settings and shopping features, any semblance of Chandi Bali, ultimo, trattoria, the intersection and Seminyak rectangular. The stop is inside a half-hour change from the Ngurah Rai worldwide airplane terminal in Tuban, in the meantime as a livelier scene might be situated through the shop and bar-covered lanes of Kuta, inside a 20-minute taxi travel south from the Chimera villas.


How Do You Wish Your Birthday While in Bali? Staying at Chimera Villas

  • This place is coming with different theme of villas that is full of clothier guestrooms.
  • There is enough suites and luxurious room flats for you.
  • This place also offers work entire room administrations.
  • Inside the bathroom, you may find rain shower.
  • This place also offers an outside gallery ignoring clamoring Seminyak
  • There is also the private stunning swimming pool
  • Guests will acquire complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Visitor will be motivated to the admission to its 24-hour wellness focused program.
  • There is yoga place for you who likes to exercise.
  • This Villas has its own one of a kind of Zanti withdraw finish with couple treatment rooms
  • There is the youths club for the adolescents.

How Do You Wish Your Birthday While in Bali? Knowing More About Seminyak

Seminyak sits in the middle of Legian (south of Seminyak) and Canggu (north of Seminyak). Petitenget is a range of Seminyak that is more in the north and has a couple of great eating spots and boutique shops. This is where potato head oceanside club near there. Jalan Kayu Ayu (generally alluded to as Lakshmana) is one of the main roads in Seminyak covered with eateries and boutique shops. It’s more noteworthy inland and not legitimate near the seashore. Seminyak is absolutely one of Bali’s most upmarket and in vogue, seashore hold up zones. The shorelines are genuinely peaceful and the motel, all things considered, has a great choice of upmarket resorts, estates and extravagance 5 big name motels, dressmaker shops, smart bars, ultra-current coastline golf gear and a portion of the islands decent amazing feasting eateries.

In the end, what are you waiting for? This place is a fresh out of the box new thought five-acclaimed individual resort for the ones searching for a stay that blends extravagance and a vibe of the way of life in Kuta. Inside by walking separation from the lodging, visitors may moreover locate a broad kind of awesome feasting, clubbing and some of the pleasant boutiques in Bali. So, how do you wish your birthday while in Bali?

Accommodation in Seminyak Bali

Chimera Villas Bali Seminyak : Best Accommodation in Seminyak Bali

When you are visiting Seminyak, you had been sufficiently blessed to remain in masses of a striking hotel at some phase in Seminyak. Yet keep it in your mind that not every hotelis considerable. So, you need to choose the best accommodation in Seminyak Bali when you are visiting there. Make sure that you do it well, so you can get the best visitation ever.

Seminyak is known as an extravagance goal, despite the fact that it has a laid back, best in class surroundings that gives a totally extraordinary enjoy. Chimera Villas Bali is one of your good choice of accommodation in Seminyak, Bali. This is an individual, manor style goal that gives visitors with their own one of a kind little bit of Bali. This Villa is essentially 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai universal air terminal and is near all the activity on Bali’s western coast. Seminyak shoreline is close by, not withstanding Seminyak square, Seminyak art commercial center, and the free shake cafe. It’s also a fifteen-moment walk around Seminyak square that has some outstanding bars, eating spots and intriguing places.

Here are a couple of issues that will enable you to get orientated to Seminyak, so while you take a gander at a guide of in which your Villa is, you know what’s without a moment’s delay round you.


Chimera Villas Bali : Best Facilitation in the Best Accommodation in Bali.

 Full service staff including front office, Butler, Chef & 24hr security. All villas offer air-conditioning, home theatre system, satelite TV, IDD telephone & Wi-Fi wireless internet

Offering 2 & 3 bedoom villas with en suite bathrooms, extensive living & separate dinning Area for private entertaining, full equipped modern kitchen, 10m pools set almogst lust, tropical gardens.


  • Private infinity edge swimming pool in each villa
  • Enlarge garden with sunbed and Gazebo
  • Open plan living room with entertainment devices fully equipped kitchen and dining area
  • Individually controlled air conditioned in the bedrooms and Living area
  • Stereo system, DVD player in each bedroom and living room and satellite TV with International Chanel
  • Your own Washing Machine
  • IDD telephone & Wireless broadband internet
  • Complimentary breakfast in your private villa, cooked by your personal staff
  • Cool Towel and Welcome Drink upon arrival
  • Personal safes
  • Minibar
  • Laundry services
  • Personal chef available upon request
  • Daily Butler services
  • 24 hours a day Villa Security
  • Baby sitter upon request
  • Available for Early Check in and Late check out based on availability room
  • Extra bed , Baby cot, High chair, and Pool Fence available upon request
  • Car & Driver available upon request
  • Safe & Quite neighborhood

Knowing More about Seminyak and the Best Accommodation in Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak is one of the most extreme well-known regions to remain in Bali. Overflowing with flavorful eateries, shoreline bars, boutique shops, seashores and not too far from the air terminal, it’s smooth to perceive any reason why. This brings the group, so on the option aspect expect a lot of sightseers and occupied roads. That is also that you may find your little bit of peacefulness in Seminyak, and one of the top-notch strategies to do that is the Seminyak settlement which you choose. So, recognizing where in to remain in Seminyak is a basic a piece of arranging your trip to Bali, to ensure you get the quality Bali delight in.

As it has been known, this place is another idea 4-megastar hold up Villa which is suitable for the ones searching out an experience that blends extravagance and a feeling of the way of life in Seminyak. Guests may moreover find a colossal assortment of outstanding eating, clubbing and some of the top-notch boutiques in Bali. So, what are you waiting for? With all facilities above, you will get the best out of the best service in this place. In the end, it would be great if you can stay in Chimera Villas Bali. As this place is one of the best accommodation in Seminyak, Bali, you would never regret your choice in staying at it when you are in Seminyak, Bali.

Where to stay in Seminyak ?

Where to Stay in Seminyak, Bali?

You may wonder where to stay in Seminyak. But don’t worry, places to stay in Seminyak arrive in a spread of choices. From extravagant private pool estates that spoil its guests with a number customized quality administration round-the-clock to five-megastar rich beachfront Villa with sumptuous suites and various offices that line the celebrated nightfall drift, even the cheapest Villas with enough facilities are available for you. You just need to choose which one of the that will be suitable for you.

Cabin and manors in Seminyak is an unfathomable choice for those searching out an agreeable villa inside the exciting seashore villa area of Seminyak seashore. When you are searching where to stay in Seminyak, the Chimera Villas Bali is one of the best accommodation that can be used for you. This place is a 4-megastar Villa resorts which is halfway set close by one of the Seminyak avenues, known as Jalan Sari Temuku. If you are interested about it, let’s know more about this place here.


Where to Stay in Seminyak? Chimera Villas Bali and its Facilities

Chimera Green
up stair second room Chimera Tiga
  • The shelter is a spearheading lifestyle resort situated inside the dynamic center point of Seminyak, Bali’s greatest mainstream community.
  • This place is secured with a couple of the lovely eating and nightlife spots on the island. The is inside best a half of-hour exchange north from the Ngurah Rai worldwide airplane terminal in Tuban, and the quiet and impressive banks of Seminyak, for example, Petitenget seashore and its namesake point of interest sanctuary, are best a 10-minute power from the lodge
  • The villa moreover fills in as an astounding base to investigate the neighboring districts of Kuta and Legian, best a 20-minute head out.
  • Boutique purchasing, a refined exhibit of eateries, the island’s hippest evening spots, and its most well-known shorelines are largely inside clean walking separation of the Seminyak hotels.
  • Closely, you will discover an advantaged haven that brings on the whole exceptional cutting-edge format, tropical finishing, customized bearer and a plentiful arrangement of five-star offices and facilities. It’s a proper way to remain focused at some phase in some time in Bali.
  • If you take a look inside, this places also offer facilities like
  • The rooms are set up with a security box, air con, and satellite tv.
  • You can relax up of their pool as there is open big swimming pool inside.
  • You can even exercise session at their on-page rec center.
  • Their bistro serves both Balinese and western dishes, notwithstanding offering room transporter to make the most of their nourishment in the comfort of your room.

Chimera Tiga

Where to Stay in Seminyak? About Seminyak and This Chimera Villas

Seminyak occupant is region where in you can discover acquiring the center, bars, Kuta seashore and beautiful evening presence which dependably draw in people from various worldwide areas in the universal. Jalan Raya Seminyak, a brisk walk from the lodging, is a renowned shopping street, as clothing boutiques and craftsmanship studios all line up the roads for customers to peruse and store to their soul’s content material for a touch self-spoiling on the finish of the day. This place also full of Seminyak’s high quit spas, all scattered around the city, with a couple of working till 22:00 that you can visit sometimes. No wonder, Seminyak is known as one of the best place to visit in Bali.

In the end, when you are visiting Seminyak, now you know where to stay in Seminyak, right? This Chimera Villas truly offers the best out of the best service. You may even join party here. So, what are you waiting for?