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Having Fun During Your Trip to Bali in Seminyak Square Seminyak square could be the one place you will put high on top of your priority. If you are the type to spend your time for shopping or enjoying the modern kind of vacation in general. What exactly is this place anyway that you should make time to visit it? A shopping arcade and restaurant joint at the heart and the main district of Seminyak, Bali. It is situated at Laksamana Oberoi/Kayu Aya Street, occupying a space of 7000

Explore the Petintenget Beach The matter of Petitenget beach is a rather vague kind of subject. Separating the beach from its function is pointless—as is the case with many other beaches on Bali Island. Bali is an island that still has its authentic religious practices intact, many of which involve rituals held at a beach. Petitenget is merely one of such beaches in Bali named after a holy temple built around its proximity. A religious point of interest is the temple. Then, the temple is a location where many Balinese Hindu