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A Slice of Tranquil Heaven within a Famously Busy Tourist Enclave

A Slice of Tranquil Heaven within a Famously Busy Tourist Enclave

The best Bali villa accommodation can help ensure that you get the best tropical holiday you’ve been wishing for. And you can find the best accommodation for this purpose in the Seminyak Suite, which is set in a secluded area within the bustling tourist enclave of Seminyak. Everything offered in this villa is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and capable of getting only the best out of your decision to take the villa as the place to stay throughout your time spent in Bali. The spa and the restaurant, however, are located in separate property in the sister villa, just a short distance from the Seminyak Suite.

This Bali villa accommodation is also armed with Wi-Fi connection, available for free for all guests staying in the property. You can find a garden compound within the property, boasting a private swimming pool. Modern living is further enhanced with the presence of an iPod docking as well as a satellite channel-supplied flat-screen TV unit. Room service is always at the ready on daily basis up until midnight. All meals are prepared and served within the property itself. The bar, on the other hand, is filled with a selection of anything with alcohol in it (think beers, spirits, and assortments of cocktails) as well as ones that are nonalcoholic.

The Seminyak Suite is a Bali villa accommodation which allows you to enjoy the nightlife partying at the best clubs the island has to offer. It is only five minutes away from Double Six Beach by car. The distance from the property to the airport can be covered by driving for around 15 minutes. You can order an airport pickup service for some additional charge and drop-off service to around Seminyak area is available by schedule only. The property is great for groups of family but even solo travelers have also found it exciting to stay there.

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