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Some Great Heritage and Tradition in Bali

Some Great Heritage and Traditions in Bali

Indonesia is one of the great countries. This country is famous for its great destinations for travelling and tourism. There are many great places to go and Bali can be one of the great islands to visit. This island has many attractive things to offer and these have made this island so famous. So, even many tourists from many countries love to visit and explore Bali. Bali is great for its natural landscapes.

There are complete packages for tourists who love to explore nature. Then, people can also find awesome cultural and traditional heritages in Bali. Balinese is so famous for its heritage of culture and Hinduism. This religion has an important part in native culture and there are many traditions and performances related to the heritage. Some tourists even have special interests in the Tradition in Bali. With its combination of natural and cultural heritages, Bali always becomes the perfect place to go for a holiday.


The Balinese Tradition

Talking about Tradition in Bali, there are many great traditions to see. These traditions may be part of ceremony, but it does not mean that tourists can see. Even, tourists are allowed to see and the native Balinese will be glad to introduce and explain the ceremony. In this case, there are some famous traditions:

  • Ngaben tradition is one of the famous traditions in this island. Ngaben is special ceremony for the dead. The funeral is done in special ceremony where the body will be burnt and this ceremony is dedicated to bring the soul of the dead person to the next phase of life.
  • Then, there is also Nyepi tradition. Nyepi is special day and even this is the most important day in the whole tradition of Balinese. During the Nyepi, people will be in silent for the whole day. They do not use electricity and they enter the state of silence. Even, the whole island of Bali will do this ritual, that is why there is no activities instead of religious rituals as what is stated in the rules of Nyepi. This is special and many tourists are curious about this ceremony and ritual.


Related to the Tradition in Bali, there are also some temples. Temples play important roles for Balinese tradition and culture. Temples are places for prayers and many kinds of rituals. The great thing is that most of the temples are built in great architecture and tourists are allowed to explore some parts of the temples. They can see the great temples in Bali and this can provide them with special experiences. One of the famous temples is the Pura Tanah Lot. This temple is so famous for its location. Tanah Lot becomes one of the iconic temples in Bali because it is located on the seashore. It stands on the reef and the waves of the ocean can streak the reef that make the view is so great.

Then, people can also go to the temple by passing through area of land that sometimes is also covered by the water of the sea. In this case, the temple is so perfect for its location and view of the sea. The ultimate view of sunset can also be seen on this temple. Its architecture cannot also be neglected since it is so beautiful. There are also Pura Luhur Uluwatu that is located on the cliff, right in the bank of the sea. This temple has beautiful look and this becomes one of the important and main temples in Bali. Of course, tourists can find many things in the temples that represent the culture and Tradition in Bali. There are rituals and there are some dance performances such as the famous Kecak Dance performance as one of the most famous dance performances performed by Balinese.

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