Chimera Villas - Jl.Sari Dewi Gg. Sari Temuku No 10, Seminyak Bali

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White Party for our Rusian Guest Wedding

This is the first time we offer a wedding party at Chimera Villas. Very simple party as the guest request.
The choice white party and BBQ menu. We design the house with white and simple flowers, Mini Bar with 2 bartender and some waiter and waitress ready to assist the guest for every little thing they need. BBQ station ready with white table cloth and the staff as well.

White party is very popular, Also in Bali. Bali is the first destination of the tourist in the world. Many tourist want To have a memorable experiences in Bali. especially if you can have a party such a wedding party or birthday party. Such my guest from Rusian they choice white party to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Bali at Chimera Villas. They just tell us that they want have a white party then we provide as request. From the decorate with white flower arrangement to the white decoration of the dinning table and staff dresses as well. Almost all invitation don’t want to miss this event.


We are so excited to assist you , if you want to have your party especially a wedding with white party dress code, simple and affordable budget.