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Bali Rice field Terrace in Jatiluwih Village is a world culture heritage

Bali Rice field Terrace in Jatiluwih Village is a world culture heritage

The Village of Jatiluwih, Tabanan Regency is located as far as 50 km from Denpasar. Jatiluwih village can be taken during 1,5 hour by car. Here as far as i can see the green nature in live mount Batukaru.

From the history of Jatiluwih village as according to its name from “Jaton” and “Luwih” . “Jaton” means really and “Luwih” meaning especially good and beautiful.


There is also another folktale which the graveyard of ancient animal name Jatayu’s Bird. Jatiluwih means the real good thing. Located about 1000 m at above sea level, Jatiluwih Village has cool water and tropical climate at almost true out of the year.

Jaliluwih Village famous with the Terrace rice field view surrounded .It is not only the natural beauty panorama, Jatiluwih Village has the  harmony as relationship with God as the creator of universe.

Once upon the time there is so many visitors from Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra who come to jatiluwih seeking for prosperity and spiritual . It has been proved by a lot of temple in Jatiluwih, Which is Betari Temple, Bujang Leuwisnawa Temple, Resi Temple, and Taksu Agung Temple.

Jatiluwih terrace rice field use Subak Irrigation System that oriented to Bali watering traditionally. Every Subak has organised a Pekaseh as a head of Subak and it has a temple to worship the Goddess of prosperity or Goddess of fertility. The system has been run of 100 years with  fair and good way until now.

The system of terraces rice field in Jatiluwih Village  has made attention to UNESCO and  it has been proved as a world culture heritage on June 29th, 2012. In Jatiluwih Village people and the universe live together in perfect harmony.

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