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Inspired your day spa in Bali and have new atmosphere

Many tourist come to Bali for experience their holiday. Feel new atmosphere than at their home. They can see the sun rise in the morning , plenty sun all day and the sun set through the night.  It so beautiful. you know , might be Balinese miss how the snow is ? but western always miss Bali when they at home. want to come back and stay for long term hahaha…

Well, no enough words to if we story about Bali. I would to share you how and where you get relaxing massage in Bali. Especially if you stay around in Seminyak area. We have a lot  relaxing places but we would to share some good and best one.

1. Sundari Spa

This place located in Petitenget just about 10 minute from us at Chimera Villas in Seminyak. they description their spa is for  healing and wellness. it is inspired by the traditional Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which encourages you to nurture a greater harmony with spirit, the environment and with one another. A fusion of traditional and modern healing techniques is combined with organic and botanical ingredients that capture the healing powers of plants, herbs and ancient remedies, as well as the therapeutic touch of their highly skilled therapists, to deliver a deep sense of relaxation, long lasting beauty and well being. Some guest review  said very relaxing place, very friendly and professional. This spa have top level in biggest site in the world ( TripAdvisor ). don’t miss it.

2. Therapy

The second is Therapy. it is a contemporary sanctuary with an extraordinary subtle Balinese vibe, ushers you to de-stress like never before. It is a space created for you to escape the roller coasters of life, to unwind the complexities of the mind and to indulge in life’s little pleasures. Located in Canggu and Seminyak about 15 minute from Chimera Villas. The place was very chic. The masseuses were great.  After we do some activities such as of soaking under the sun, snorkeling, and swimming, our body will in grave, need of nourishment and relaxation.  This massage easily become one of the highlights of the vacation. we personally recommended this place to you to have your first day spa experience in Bali.

3. Tea Spa

The last one is Tea spa. This spa is the most spa that we recommended. why, because of the spa we could provide in the villa. we offer the guest who prefer stay in the villa then going out side. Just get relaxing in the villa so they can having massage or day spa in their private villa. Tea Spa is a part of Chimera Villas services. Arrive in Bali from long trip and jet lag is very bad feeling. A massage can deliver a deep sense of relaxation. so have your massage at home Chimera Villas upon your arrival to healing process to naturally unfold in the serene atmosphere of our spa.