Chimera Villas - Jl.Sari Dewi Gg. Sari Temuku No 10, Seminyak Bali

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Frangifani flower is a symbol of Balinese

Frangifani flower is a symbol of Balinese.

Frangipani is another name of Plumeria or commonly called frangipani flowers. In Bali, this flower is known as Jepun (Nerium oleander L). Jepun Bali consists of various types. One of them is the type of sandalwood that supposedly most fragrant.

There are those who consider Jepun / Frangipani  as a sacred flower and always present in every religious ceremony. However, among the Hindu community, only Balinese Hindus are using Jepun flowers as one of the offerings. A Balinese culturalist admits that jepun interest is closely related to Balinese society. However, do not consider frangipani as a sacred tree. The existence of jepun trees around the place of worship is only a practical effort to obtain interest for the purpose of prayer.



Besides being used for religious ceremonies, Frangipani is processed as raw material for incense craft industry. For that, the people of Bali began to take advantage of flowers fallen jepun then dried. Once dried, the flowers are pounded and processed into an incense powder.

Jepun or Frangipani flowers  is also often used as decoration to beautify the home page, one of which is Chimera Villas.The owner of this house decorates his garden with a variety of  Jepun flowers to introduce to every guest who visit.