Chimera Villas - Jl.Sari Dewi Gg. Sari Temuku No 10, Seminyak Bali

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A favorite haunt for savvy locals and refined travelers alike, the Chimera Villas boasts diverse options for dining and cocktails. WE PRESENT A MENU OF LUXURY COMFORT FARE AND INNOVATIVE CREATIONS. Enjoy lighter fare for lunch and tapas style dishes in the evening. As a sophisticated destination for excellent cuisine and libations, Chimera Villas revels in the best of food, fashion and culture. Whatever your delight, the highest standards are our standards at Chimera Villas.



A seasonal Contemporary Indonesian menu utilising locally sourced ingredients from Bali


Daily A la Carte

Please order one day in advance


  • MIXED GARDEN SALAD Fresh young seasonal vegetables with French dressing Rp. 90.000
  • NICOISE SALAD Green Beans, Potatoes, Tomato, Tuna, Boiled Egg, Black Olives, Lettuce, with special dressing Rp. 110.000
  • SPRING ROLL Mixed vegetables, shrimp, chicken wrapped in rice paper with dipping sauces Rp. 65.000
  • CALAMARI RINGS Crumbed  Calamari chilli with mayonnaise Rp. 75.000


  • SPAGHETTI CARBONARA Cream, cheese, bacon, smoked ham Rp. 75.000
  • SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE Minced beef with herbs and a rich tomato souce Rp. 80.000
  • LASAGNA Layers of pasta with Bolognaise and topped with melted cheese sauce Rp. 105.000
  • FRIED NOODLE Served with chicken or seafood, vegetable, egg and shrimp kerupuk Rp. 55.000
  • CHICKEN PASTA Served with mushroom or vegetable Rp. 70.000


  • ROASTED CHICKEN (Whole For 4 pax) Roasted chicken with herbs served with vegetables (any style), Steamed rice or Potatoes (any style) Rp. 380.000
  • STEAM FISH One whole snapper fish steamed with ginger, Onion, Garlic, Spring Onions, lemon and gravy Rp.295.000
  • STIR – FRIED CHICKEN WITH MANGO & CASHEWS Chicken, stir fried with cashew nuts, mango and snow peas Rp. 95.000


  • SATAY Your choice of beef, chicken or fish with peanut sauce Rp. 65.000
  • RENDANG Indonesian cuisine beef simmered with herbs and coconut sauce Rp. 95.000
  • KARE Indonesian cuisine of chicken or vegetable curry Rp. 85.000
  • PEPES IKAN Indonesian cuisine, fish wrapped in banana leaf with spices Rp. 65.000
  • GADO – GADO Boiled assorted vegetables and egg salad served with spices Rp. 55.000
  • CAP CAY Indonesian cuisine, mix sauté vegetables Rp. 50.000
  • FRIED RICE Indonesian fried rice served with fried egg, acar and crackers Rp. 55.000
  • RED STEAM RICE (Min order for 4 pax) Steamed Balinese red rice Rp. 50.000
  • YELLOW STEAM RICE (Min order for 4 pax) Steamed rice with herbs and turmeric Rp. 50.000
  • SATAY LILIT Minced fish mix with Balinese spicies and coconut Rp. 70.000
  • UDANG LALAH MANIS Fried prawn in spicy chilli paste Rp. 95.000
  • BETUTU (for 4 pax) Balinese cuisine, roasted chicken with Balinese spices Rp. 360.000
  • STIR FRIED SQUID Whole squid filled with broccoli and mushroom , and soy sauce Rp. 105.000


  • CHIMERA’S APPLE PIE ( for 4 pax ) Classic homemade Apple pie by Chimera Chef Rp 175.000
  • BANANA FRITTER with Vanilla Ice Cream Fried banana fritter with Caramel sauce Rp. 45.000
  • STICKY BLACK RICE PUDDING Balinese cuisine dessert, Black rice simmered with palm sugar and coconut Rp. 45.000
  • COCONUT PUDDING Served with mix tropical fruit Rp. 45.000
  • FRIED ICE CREAM White bread with ice cream, fried, served with fruits jam Rp. 45.000


  • FISH & CHIPS Home made deep fried fish, chips with tomato sauce Rp. 75.000
  • CHICKEN FINGER Deep fried chicken coated with bread crumbs Rp. 55.000
  • CHICKEN RICE Chicken mixed with Rice and vegetable Rp. 45.000
  • PRAWN CUTLETS Deep fried prawns coated with bread crumbs Rp. 85.000
  • ICE CREAM For your kids Rp. 25.000


Please order one day in advance

@ Rp 385.000/Pax


  • CHIMERA IKAN BAKAR Your choice of Red or White Snapper marinated in red Indonesian sauce
  • CHIMERA UDANG BAKAR Grilled Prawn marinated in Indonesian red sauce
  • CHIMERA CUMI BAKAR Grilled squid marinated in Indonesian white sauce
  • GRILLED POTATO Your choice of sweet or fresh potato and butter
  • GRILLED SWEET CORN Grilled of sweet corn marinated in butter or spicy sauce
  • BALINESE PLECING Fresh vegetable mix in Balinese species
  • SAMBAL MATAH Fresh chopped chili, shallot, lemon, grass, and oil
  • CHIMERA’S DESSERT Your choice of fresh fruit and ice cream or cakes


Please order three days in advance

@ Rp 4.500.000 for max 8 pax



  • SOUP ARES Slice young banana trunk with Balinese herb and clear stock


  • WHOLE SUCKLING PIG Roasted suckling pig in Balinese style roasted
  • LAWAR Choice of vegetable jack fruit, young papaya and long bean steamed mix with herbs and coconut grated
  • PEPES IKAN Fish wrapped in banana leaf with spices
  • SATE LILIT Minced Chicken mix with Balinese species and coconut
  • BABI KECAP Infused Pork with spiced and sweet soy sauce
  • STEAM RICE Your choice of fragrant steam white rice or red rice


  • BUBUR INJIN Black sticky rice steamed on a fragrant pandan leaf with palm sugar topped with fresh coconut milk or coconut ice cream


  • Two Islands Chardonnay Bali Rp. 260.000
  • Wombat Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Australia Rp. 350.000
  • Wolf Blass, Eagle Law Cabernet Sauvignon Australia Rp. 390.000


  • Two Islands Cabernet Merlot Bali Rp. 260.000
  • Wombat Creek Merlot Australia Rp. 350.000
  • Wombat Creek Shram Australia Rp. 350.000
  • Wolf Blass- Eagle Law, Merlot Australia Rp. 390.000