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Balinese Sculpture Art ( Togog Bali )

Balinese Sculpture art story are before 1906 in Bali a piece work of art is a work for religious or magical sense reason. The wood or stone sculpture created a work that always have connection to Hindu religion. For example they created symbol of God or Goddess which later will be places in very holy place of temples.  The theme of their work mostly taking inspiration from the epic story of Ramayana and Mahabharata which this classic story always become role model in doing religion and social life activity in Bali community.

Simultaneously and past to generation to generation this sculpture activity based on religion ritual continue. But late in 1906 – 1908 upon the Dutch colonize Bali , the pattern to create an art work happened changed. In that time many artist made the art work based on economic commodity without any religious touch . That situation happened to change some shape and value of a peace of sculpture.

Many kind and style of sculpture in Bali. such in a village name Batubulan, the local people has their own style and character in make a sculpture of God and Goddess that made from soft volcanic stone and sandstone. The other place in Teges area is famous by their skill in making various animals shape in very detail and realistic shapes. In Tegalalang the sculpture is about trees, plants and fruits that made from wood with a very happy and smart colorful touch. Or in Tampaksiring specialize in making accessories from wood and chessboard.

Fine art & galleries many of the future evolution of Balinese sculpture would consist in playing with natural proportions, first elongating them , then after the war, shortening them , producing the style still favors today. One master from traditional style is someone from Ubud is ketut Rodja. He is a famous by his consistence in traditional style , although this style known from its high difficulty in the making process.

How to know much about this art, please contact us at Chimera Villa Bali . There some of our art are from Ubud.