Chimera Villas - Jl.Sari Dewi Gg. Sari Temuku No 10, Seminyak Bali

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Find a large garden villa in Bali – Chimera Villas

Chimera Villas

Chimera villa is the only villa in the Seminyak Bali area which has a vast garden with shades of green that gives the impression cool and quiet.This villa not only features spacious gardens as well as spacious rooms and living areas. Rarely can we find a villa with a spacious yard in the area of Seminyak Bali. A natural harmony created in chimera villas.

The pool is strategically placed by the gardens giving a large space for children to play. Tourists who want to bring their children on holiday to Bali will be satisfied with the choice of this place. Worries about an insecure, narrow and limited place will not be here

Having an extensive garden  then Chimera Villas is a greatly appreciated by many travelers as the best place to stay and the best place in Seminyak Bali area.

In addition to extensive gardens, the chimera villas are also strategically located in this area, close to the beach, restaurant, kids club and other places of entertainment.

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